Top Family Attorneys

top family attorneysWhen potential clients are searching for top family attorneys, they are either looking for someone with experience or make their selection based on a recommendation from someone they know. The recommendation centers on the outcome of the process and how hard the lawyer fought to attain what that individual wanted. But you seldom hear that the process was easy or stress-free. It takes a toll on the entire family. Emotions run high, finances become difficult, and children get caught in the middle.

The best family lawyer specializes in all issues related to domestic relationships varying from marriage, domestic partnerships, and both traditional and non-traditional unions. Dissolving any of these unions requires a legal process involving finances, child custody, and visitation. Some agreements involve alimony, paternity, annulment, adoption, pre-nuptial agreements, etc. Although the types of relationships and the issues can vary, the process is exceedingly difficult for all parties involved and requires the best family attorney to strive for an agreement that meets the needs of his or her client.

The particulars of each case depend on the laws of the state where the client resides and the willingness of each party to negotiate. For instance, in some states total assets are divided equally and in others, the couple must be married for ten years before this occurs. There are some universal laws that apply nationwide; however, if both parties agree to waive certain rights or set terms outside the norms of the standard agreement, that agreement will stand in court.

The top family attorney must be familiar with finances, local and federal tax laws, and many other financial particulars to evaluate balance sheets, and determine how all debts and assets will be ascertained. If both parties willingly share this information, the process is less cumbersome; however, in most cases where the couple is in dispute over money, the family lawyer may need to bring in other specialists, i.e., conduct an audit. If the couple owns a home or real estate, there will either be a sale allowing for division of the profits or an estimate to provide a fair market value.

Naturally, cases involving dispute over custody of the children can be the most difficult emotionally for both parties. The goal of the top family attorney is to make the process as easy as possible to reduce or completely avoid changing the children’s lives. If the couple works together in the best interest of the children, they will try not to interrupt their daily routines of school, socializing, after school activities, etc.

A top family attorney with your best interests at heart will guide you to resolve your issues out of court and peaceably to save you money, shorten the time to a signed agreement, and mitigate fighting over custody of the children. Divorce is difficult enough without battling attorneys creating greater conflict. Some inflame the situation to make the other party look bad to the judge and the outcome is usually more conflict, a rougher battle, and more expenses. Make sure the family attorney is aligned with your goals and the process will go smoother and cost far less.