Kim helped my son and me more than I can possibly say.

“I am a single mom who came to Kim 3 weeks after my son was born. As a new mother you have such fear and feelings about protecting your child. I always assumed I would be the custodial parent, however my son’s father and family had their own feelings and demands. Quite frankly, at the time we had such a heightened sense of animosity and anger on both sides.

Kim helped us to facilitate this whole process, manage the expectations and step by step “hold my hand” when it was most needed. She is direct and no fluff, but beyond empathetic with working women and single moms who are struggling to make life right for their family and themselves. When you go through experiences like this at times you feel powerless. Kim truly helped me to remain in a place where I felt my own empowerment.

A year later we are in a good place. My son’s father sees him twice a week, we receive proper financial support and all parties are on board with doing what’s best for the baby. He has two happy families and could not be filled with more love in his life. We will never be able to thank Kim Ciesinski enough for the support, patience and help she gave us to move forward with our lives.”

Embrace the alternative.

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