More Reasons Why Divorce Mediation Is the Best Option

Many families who are struggling with after-effects of the pandemic are now contending with international conflict and a rapidly rising cost of living. The impact on families is unprecedented and couples with or without children, are experiencing relationship issues due to financial difficulties, loss of income or home, illness and emotional distress.  The demand for affordable, less contentious divorce options has grown significantly, and many of those who decide to divorce are now choosing mediation as the most advantageous way to dissolve their marriages. Here’s why.

Mediation Is Faster and Costs Less – Affordability is critical for most people, now more than ever, and mediated divorces can be significantly less expensive and more expedient than those processed through the court system. Plus, many court systems continue to grapple with significant backlog due to the pandemic, which means that your case will take longer to process, often several months, or longer.

You Get Expert Help with Resolving Conflict – As the demand for divorce mediation grows, so does the demand for professional mediators who have the expertise to guide, educate and facilitate an agreement between the parties. Professional mediators have special training  in conflict resolution which helps couples overcome their differences and come to an agreement that restructures their parenting and financial relationship.  An agreement that is reached in a process where the parties are in control is proven to increase compliance and lead to greater satisfaction for both parties.  Universities like Harvard now offer top-tier education programs (click here for their article What Is Divorce Mediation), and criteria have been established by State law as well as mediation organizations to ensure high standards of competence and confidentiality.

New Help for Kids & Parents – One of the most promising trends is child-informed mediation, which focuses on the child’s perspective to motivate parents to create better agreements. Research shows that child-focused mediation is more agreeable to both parents, resulting in less conflict, improved co-parenting, and most importantly, reduced negative impact on the children involved. Another study noted that parents experienced higher levels of fairness and control when utilizing mediation.

Results Tend to Be Long-lasting and Positive – According to the groundbreaking Emory Divorce Mediation Study, the benefits of mediated divorces are proving to be long-term. For example, 52% of non-residential parents (those whose children live primarily with the other parent) who chose mediation maintained a relationship with their children and talk weekly 12 years after the divorce—versus 14% of non-residential parents who went to court.

To determine if divorce mediation is the best option for you and your family, contact the mediation experts today.

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