What is Divorce Mediation?

Private, expedient and mutually beneficial.

Divorce mediation is another highly effective form of non-adversarial, cost-effective, and solution-focused divorce resolution, ideal for non-complex matters having a fairly equal balance of power between spouses.  Mediation best serves divorcing couples who have already made peace with the decision to divorce and moved past their anger enough to work together to reach a fair and mutually beneficial agreement.

Designed to encourage constructive dialogue and open communication, divorce mediation provides spouses with a private, informal and comfortable environment to discuss and resolve sensitive issues. Your mediator serves as a neutral facilitator of communication and does not represent the interests of either spouse. In order to be successful, both spouses must be comfortable speaking for themselves and tackling the difficult issues.

Our goal is to give you more control, helping you spend less time and money as you go through the divorce process of resolving your issues and reaching an agreement. A proven alternative to adversarial litigation, mediation empowers you to be a direct advocate for yourself.

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How It Works.

divorce mediation

You and your spouse meet with a mediator together for the purpose of finding the individual with whom you both feel comfortable. Once you select and jointly retain a mediator, you schedule the first meeting to begin the work of identifying the issues in your particular circumstances.

Both parties, together with the divorce mediator, determine the number and frequency of meetings which occur until you reach an agreement.

We help you communicate more effectively to better understand each other’s perspective. Where there is understanding there is capacity for compromise. Once a meeting of the minds occurs, your mediator drafts a written agreement reflecting your understanding of the process.

We educate you on the law as it pertains to your circumstances. Either spouse may choose to be represented by independent counsel to serve as an advisor during the process. Regardless of whether or not you choose to hire an advising attorney, both spouses must retain the services of an independent attorney for the purpose of reviewing the agreement reached.

Your reviewing attorney ensures that the agreement is legally sound and advises you of your rights under the law. It is imperative that you fully understand the deals you have made and their legal implications.

“You cannot shake hands with a closed fist.”

– Indira Ghandi

Embrace the alternative.

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