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This is your family and your divorce
We offer three process options allowing divorcing couple to transform their family with
dignity and remain in control of their future parental and financial relationships.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

A win-win scenario is always within reach.

Collaborative divorce is a private and autonomous team approach to conflict resolution.
From the outset, the collaborative approach aligns a separating couple’s interests in a positive and empowering process of restructuring from a nuclear to a bi-nuclear family through respectful communication and out of the box thinking, while simultaneously preserving the dignity and privacy of the relationship.

Divorce Meditation

Divorce Meditation

Private, expedient and mutually beneficial.

Designed to encourage constructive dialogue and open communication, divorce mediation provides spouses with a private, informal and comfortable environment to discuss and resolve sensitive issues. Your mediator serves as a neutral facilitator of communication and does not represent the interests of either spouse. In order to be successful, both spouses must be comfortable speaking for themselves and tackling the difficult issues.

Divorce Settlement

Negotiated Settlement

Not all roads lead to trial.

Negotiated settlement divorce looks at litigation as the last option when it comes to divorce resolution. A litigated divorce is one where the parties use the legal system to resolve their divorce. Approximately 95% of all divorce cases end in settlement before trial. However, in the context of litigation, the emotional and financial damage inflicted along the way to your settlement can be devastating.

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Kim Ciesinski, is a seasoned lawyer on Long Island with 25 years experience, is the founder of ADR Law, a law practice devoted to offering a better way for married couples to divorce. Kim’s mission is to help couples looking to divorce to consider collaborative process, mediation and negotiated settlement as alternatives to litigation because these provide extra support and assistance to the whole family.

She is the co-author of a book entitled, “Stress- Free Divorce – Volume 3”. She speaks and writes articles on the subject of Collaborative Divorce, and shares her alternative divorce expertise in multiple interviews in the press and on several radio shows.
Kim Ciesinski is your best option to achieve the stress free divorce.

Alternative Divorce Resolution

Adversarial Litigation

  • Out of court.
    In court.
    Out of court. vs In court.
  • Client-driven negotiations.
    Attorney-driven negotiations.
    Client-driven negotiations. vs Attorney-driven negotiations.
  • Efficient.
    Efficient. vs Inefficient.
  • High incidence of compliance.
    Low incidence of compliance.
    High incidence of compliance. vs Low incidence of compliance.
  • Calm.
    Calm. vs Chaos.
  • Creation.
    Creation. vs Destruction.
  • Less costly.
    Cost prohibitive.
    Less costly. vs Cost prohibitive.

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Alternative Divorce vs. Traditional Litigation

The alternative divorce resolution processes of collaborative divorce, mediation, and negotiated settlement significantly reduce the time, expense, and heartache typically associated with divorce. Unlike litigation which results in a “win/lose” scenario, non-adversarial process options result in a “win/win” scenario. A traditional divorce is a long and monotonous process which involves lengthy court proceedings and frequent meetings with (often expensive) attorneys. ADR, or “Alternative Divorce Resolution” makes the divorce process less stressful and often, more cost-effective.
The three types of ADR: mediation, negotiated settlement, and collaborative divorce, offer healthier and less toxic alternatives to the traditional divorce proceedings. By cooperating with your spouse and working to find beneficial alternatives to your current situation, the divorce can feel more like the creation of a new beginning than an ending.

Divorce is not about destruction.

Our mission here at ADR Law is to spare families from the destructive forces of divorce litigation and help divorcing spouses maintain control of their futures. We believe that families in transition need support from various professionals working together to restructure and transform their lives. The inherent adversarial nature present in the court system today fails to provide that support or foster an atmosphere of compromise and healing during one of life’s most traumatic events.

It is far too often the case that “divorce” becomes synonymous with “destruction.” Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way: a divorcing spouse doesn’t have to be a warring spouse. Just because the relationship you once had with your spouse is changing doesn’t mean it must be completely destroyed in the process.

After decades of practicing matrimonial and family law in the litigation model, we concluded that litigation, in the context of divorce, is an unnecessarily divisive and destructive process which is harmful to the emotional and financial well-being of families and undermines the possibility of a positive future relationship between former spouses.

This insight, based on our extensive experience led to a mission: empower and assist couples
in transforming from a nuclear to bi-nuclear family in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner
with dignity and privacy.

We focus on helping divorcing couples restructure the financial and co-parenting aspects of the family, so that they can move forward in a positive direction with a strong foundation. Together, we get to the heart of underlying issues, develop realistic goals for the future, and formulate creative and functional solutions tailored to the needs of both the individual and the new bi-nuclear family.

To that end, we offer collaborative divorce, mediation, and negotiated settlement as healthy and positive alternatives to the adversarial and potentially destructive litigation process.

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A great collaborative attorney who understands clients’ needs.

“I have worked with Kim on several Collaborative Divorce cases as a financial neutral. Kim’s handling of clients is compassionate and respectful. Kim is very effective at helping clients find their voice so that they are empowered to make decisions and take an active role in shaping their financial and parenting future. This process enables the “no longer intact family” to continue to have an on-going relationship so that each of them could continue to co-parent and be comfortable in each other’s presence during family milestones. Had this gone to litigation, the process would have continued for years and been destructive to the family. Kim’s understanding of the Collaborative process has helped her clients reach settlements that were tailored to meet their needs for future independence.”

A simple and pleasurable experience.

“Uncoupling is emotional and difficult. Kim and her team made it as pleasurable and simple as possible. She guided us to the best resolution quickly. I really valued her experience and guidance during the process and highly recommend working with her.”

An amazing advisor who offers a professional and pleasant experience.

“Kim has been an amazing advisor. Kim manages to make a very contentious and emotional circumstance actually a pleasant experience. She is very professional and shows real interest in her clients. Kim is very fair and offers very sound advice. I would highly recommend Kim Ciesinski to any couple seeking dissolution of their marriage.”

I highly recommend Kim for mediation.

“I recently hired Kim for mediation. She spent a lot of time explaining the process and helping us come up with a separation agreement that worked for both myself and my ex. I would highly recommend using Kim if you decide mediation is for you!”

Embrace the alternative.

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