Parting ways doesn't mean you can't hold it together.
Look to the alternative.


Alternative Divorce Resolution (ADR): fostering an atmosphere of cooperation and privacy for spouses seeking a respectful and non-litigious transition into a separate life. We help couples restructure and transform their families with healthy and positive alternative processes to divorce litigation.

This is your family and your divorce.

We offer three process options, allowing divorcing couples to transform their family with dignity and remain in control of their future parental and financial relationships.

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Discover the practice built on one core belief:
Divorce – it’s not about destruction.

We believe that the majority of divorce cases should be resolved by the parties themselves, outside of a courtroom, with the assistance of the appropriate professionals. We strive to help couples determine their own destiny — rather than relinquish control to the courts.

Our non-adversarial approaches provide separating spouses with the freedom to reach a private and mutually beneficial settlement in a fraction of the time, cost, and heartache of traditional litigation.

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Kim Ciesinski shares more about these positive, healthy alternatives to traditional litigation in a podcast interview hosted by Elayne Fluker of ‘Support is Sexy’.
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Can You Get Divorced Without Going To Court ?

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Divorce is one of the most stress inducing life events. Ms. Ciesinski has co-authored a book entitled, “Stress-Free Divorce – Volume 3”. In addition to her chapter on collaborative divorce, the book offers the helpful perspectives of attorneys, mental health professionals and financial advisors on reducing the stress attendant to every divorce.

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Client Testimonials

A great collaborative attorney who understands clients’ needs.

“I have worked with Kim on several Collaborative Divorce cases as a financial neutral. Kim’s handling of clients is compassionate and respectful. Kim is very effective at helping clients find their voice so that they are empowered to make decisions and take an active role in shaping their financial and parenting future. This process enables the “no longer intact family” to continue to have an on-going relationship so that each of them could continue to co-parent and be comfortable in each other’s presence during family milestones. Had this gone to litigation, the process would have continued for years and been destructive to the family. Kim’s understanding of the Collaborative process has helped her clients reach settlements that were tailored to meet their needs for future independence.”

A top notch advocate.

“Kim is an outstanding advocate for her clients. She has an extraordinary comprehension of both the legal and personal issues her clients are faced with. She is kind and compassionate when addressing emotionally charged issues for her clients and zealously communicates to the Court and adversaries on their behalves.”


An invaluable asset to my divorce agreement.

“Kim handled my separation/divorce agreement and her expertise, professionalism and advice were invaluable to me. From our first free consultation to signing the final documents, Kim made me feel supported and was sensitive to my particular situation. I highly recommend Kim’s services.”

Kim helped my son and me more than I can possibly say.

“I am a single mom who came to Kim 3 weeks after my son was born. As a new mother you have such fear and feelings about protecting your child. I always assumed I would be the custodial parent, however my son’s father and family had their own feelings and demands. Quite frankly, at the time we had such a heightened sense of animosity and anger on both sides.

Kim helped us to facilitate this whole process, manage the expectations and step by step “hold my hand” when it was most needed. She is direct and no fluff, but beyond empathetic with working women and single moms who are struggling to make life right for their family and themselves. When you go through experiences like this at times you feel powerless. Kim truly helped me to remain in a place where I felt my own empowerment.

A year later we are in a good place. My son’s father sees him twice a week, we receive proper financial support and all parties are on board with doing what’s best for the baby. He has two happy families and could not be filled with more love in his life. We will never be able to thank Kim Ciesinski enough for the support, patience and help she gave us to move forward with our lives.”

An amazing advisor who offers a professional and pleasant experience.

“Kim has been an amazing advisor. Kim manages to make a very contentious and emotional circumstance actually a pleasant experience. She is very professional and shows real interest in her clients. Kim is very fair and offers very sound advice. I would highly recommend Kim Ciesinski to any couple seeking dissolution of their marriage.”

A simple and pleasurable experience.

“Uncoupling is emotional and difficult. Kim and her team made it as pleasurable and simple as possible. She guided us to the best resolution quickly. I really valued her experience and guidance during the process and highly recommend working with her.”

Don’t let her size fool you!

“I had an obstinate husband, who fought me tooth and nail in our divorce. Unfortunately, I started with another lawyer who did absolutely nothing for me. I was given Kim’s name and finally felt help was on the way! She is an excellent advocate. I felt she always had my back and got me everything I was looking for in the divorce and then some. I have recommended her to many people and if you are smart you will hire her to be your attorney.”

Kim was a great advocate in a difficult time.

“I retained Kim for my divorce on a recommendation of a friend. Kim was a great advocate with sound advice and a champion for myself and my children. My divorce, like many, had some challenges and Kim was able to address them and keep the process moving forward. She was always professional, offering great advice. Divorce is never easy and knowing that Kim truly had my back made it less stressful.”

I highly recommend Kim for mediation.

“I recently hired Kim for mediation. She spent a lot of time explaining the process and helping us come up with a separation agreement that worked for both myself and my ex. I would highly recommend using Kim if you decide mediation is for you!”

Guiding us through the next chapter of our lives.

“Facing the new normal and confronting the next chapter in our lives was a difficult and painful experience. Kim and her team made the transition simple and were professional and caring. Kim took the time to really listen to all the concerns we had going in together and led us down our new separate paths. I valued Kim’s advice and guidance during the process. I highly recommend Kim and her firm.”