Parting ways doesn't mean
you can't hold it together.
Look to the alternative.


Alternative Divorce Resolution (ADR): fostering an atmosphere of cooperation and privacy for spouses seeking a respectful and non-litigious transition into a separate life. We help couples restructure and transform their families with healthy and positive alternative processes to divorce litigation.

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This is your family and your divorce.

We offer three process options, allowing divorcing couples to transform their family with dignity and remain in control of their future parental and financial relationships.
Stress Free Divorce Book

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Divorce is one of the most stress inducing life events. Ms. Ciesinski has co-authored a book entitled, “Stress-Free Divorce – Volume 3”. In addition to her chapter on collaborative divorce, the book offers the helpful perspectives of attorneys, mental health professionals and financial advisors on reducing the stress attendant to every divorce.

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Client Testimonials

Awesome attorney!

Kim was very personable and professional. She did a good job mediating between my my spouse and I. Because if Kim I reconciled with my husband! I truly recommend her!


Top Notch

Kim is an outstanding advocate for her clients. She has an extraordinary comprehension of both the legal and personal issues her clients are faced with. She is kind and compassionate when addressing emotionally charged issues for her clients and zealously communicates to the Court and adversaries on their behalves.


Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

After my divorce agreement concluded with my previous lawyer I found myself in the uncomfortable position of having to hire another attorney to collect the funds that my former husband was reneging on. Luckily I was referred to Ms. Kim Ciesinski. From the onset I found her to be friendly, thoughtful and very professional. She was able to quickly and thoroughly review my case and set forth preparing stipulations and motions that needed to be filed. The case was just recently concluded and I was compensated 100%. Kim’s expertise in this field together with her witty sense of humor made this transaction as easy as it could be. Additionally I found her legal fees to be very fair. I would recommend her and her staff whole heartedly.


Trusted Advisor

Kim is a consummate professional. She is empathetic. She listens acutely and advised thoughtfully. I felt better thoughout the process knowing i had her guidance and protection. She was patient in educating me in my rights, and courses of action. She understood my intent and was able to accordingly represent my interests – not just monetarily. I am grateful to have been referred.


Collaborative Professional

I have worked with Kim on many cases as a family specialist/divorce coach during a collaborative divorce. I am always impressed by her skills and integrity as a lawyer, and how well she represents her clients. Many people seek her out because of her outstanding reputation and her ability to humanize a difficult situation. She is able to easily grasp the key elements of a divorce and communicate them with a clarity that enables both parties to understand the issues and productively work towards an agreement. With this as a foundation, their agreement works for them individually and for their family. Reaching such an agreement is the essence and goal of a collaborative divorce. What Kim contributes makes finding mutually beneficial solutions easier.


Kim Ciesinski is in a League of Her Own

Going through a very difficult challenging divorce is never easy, especially when the welfare of a child is at stake. I could search til the end of time and never find the right words that capture my gratitude for hiring Ms. Ciesinski. There are a multitude of reasons why I feel this deeply. She truly understood my situation and guided me through it both professionally and with compassion.
It was always about working together to get through a terrible divorce with the least about of stress and anxiety. She would constantly not only reassure but prove to me that I would get through this challenge and come out stronger. Through court appearances and many conferences, I no longer felt frightened or scared. I knew that Ms Ciesinski not only had my back, she held my heart and she knew exactly how to find my peace through a complicated legal system. Kim Ciesinski is in a league of her own.


Breaking up was not so hard to do!!

As a lawyer with significant assets and three children who was getting divorced, I wanted a pragmatic, cost-effective, no-nonsense attorney as a mediator. Kim was all of the above and more. Reasonably priced (without any professional courtesy), she guided my ex and myself seamlessly through a divorce which could have been drawn out and infinitely more painful on multiple fronts.


Next Chapter

Facing the new normal, and confronting the next chapter in our lives was a difficult and painful experience. Kim and her team made the transition simple, they were professional and caring. Kim took the time to really listen to all the concerns we had going in together and led us down our new separate paths. I valued Kim’s advise and guidance during the process. I highly recommend Kim and her firm.


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